Lord Of The Sick Recordings is an independent extreme music record label based in north of Russia.

One of the key features that positively distinguishes us from other labels is that we never make empty promises. Our label does not announce any band signings or releases for the distant future. All of our announcements provide comprehensive information about the band, the release date, the start of preorders, and other details.


If you are interested in cooperation with the Lord Of The Sick label, please submit your demo and other related information here or send directly to icegrim@mail.ru


If you run a label or distro and are interested in either buying wholesale or trading your records for copies of our releases, please contact us here or write directly to icegrim@mail.ru


Be advised that we do not grant free copies to everyone who wants to write a review. Please provide the web link on your media or send other relevant info so that we can be sure that your publishing company exists.

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